Rates, Reservation & Payments FAQs

To secure a charter reservation date, a minimum deposit of 50% must be received by Sri Tanjung Cruises. For balance payments, 100% of the charter fee must be paid a minimum of 48hrs prior to charter. For any bookings made within 48hrs prior to departure date, 100% of the charter fee must be received by Sri Tanjung Cruises prior to disembarking. No charters will disembark until 100% payment is received by Sri Tanjung Cruises.

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards, Doku, PayPal or bank transfers. The available payment options are displayed during the booking process. For CC and Doku payments, a processing fee of up to 3 % may apply. For PayPal payments, a processing fee of up to 5 % may apply. Please note all processing fees are on charged from the bank and in no way from Sri Tanjung Cruises. We are only able to accept American Express payments via PayPal.

Once your booking has been successfully completed, a Booking Confirmation will be issued in respect of each charter booked and sent to the email address provided. You must produce your Booking Confirmation(s) upon departure, together with your original valid photo identification document (national registration identity card, passport, driver’s licence or other identification card or document as Sri Tanjung Cruises may require).

Yes, as per guidelines and licensing set by the Indonesian authority, children are considered passengers. Licensing numbers are in consideration of safety equipment onboard, so this is absolutely necessary.

– Full refund or no payment for cancellations over 14 days’ notice
– 50% of charter price due for cancellations within 2-14 days’ notice
100% payment due or no refund for cancellations within 48 hours of time of embarkation
– If cancelled at the discretion of the Indonesian authorities (Harbour Master) due to inclement weather or sea conditions, then an alternative date will be offered and/or a refund/voucher may apply. This decision will be made 1 hour prior to charter disembarkation.
– If cancelled during the charter by the guest after disembarkation, where the guest wishes to return to shore due to seasickness (when Harbour Master has deemed the ocean conditions sailable), no refund will be provided. It is the responsibility of the guest to take their preferred method of prevention against seasickness 1 day before and again on the morning of the charter at least 2hrs prior to embarkation to be effective, not to consume alcohol at least 24hrs in advance of charter, and to be sure they are sea-fit prior to embarking. Please request seasickness/anti motion tablets 48hrs prior to charter if you have any doubts of seasickness.


– No charter will disembark without the approval of the Indonesian authorities. We have the experience and knowledge of what the weather conditions are at our intended destination. We are happy to consult with you should the weather be an issue. We are happy to accommodate you on the following day/s should there be availability and there not be another paid for booking on that date or offer a voucher to be used upon another occasion. Please note a change of charter date will incur an additional fee.
– Please keep in mind that the conditions at the intended destination may be different and still suitable to conduct the charter and Sri Tanjung Cruises Captain and Crew have the local knowledge and professional experience in determining the viability of the charter for the comfort and safety of all guests and crew on board.
– Inclement weather is defined as prolonged and heavy rain. Please know that it is normal to experience patches of rain throughout the day in rainy season – these normally occur early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Please know that it is normal to experience swell in the Bandung Strait between Bali mainland and the islands.

There are no additional fees on the advertised charter prices and associated inclusions.

The advertised charter price includes all government taxes and service fees.